EPM 12 FileMaker Preventive Maintenance

  • Al devices: Web, FileMaker, iPad, iPhone, Android.
  • Up to 900 co current users.
  • Full features and fully custimizable
  • Supports multiple locations and hundreds of users.
  • It starts at just $80 per month with server, hosting, backups and more.

Why do maintenance professionals like our program? 

  • Asset management capabilities. Manage parts and equipment. Track warrantees, parts, equipment data, etc. 
  • Flexibility to customize quickly and at low cost means it is configured for "the way you work". 
  • Powerful database can handle millions of records 
  • Short learning curve. Video training saves time and money. 
  • Share on any device such as Androids, iPads, iPhones, Tablets, PCs or Macs 
  • Base system comes with the most important features ready to go. 
  • New GPS capability. Find the location of any equipment (longitude, latitude) with one click for mapping. 
  • NEW! Multi-pin mapping add on maps equipment anywhere on earth. 
  • Security and electronic signature for calibrations to comply with a variety of regulatory agencies and standards: ISO, FDA CFR 11, and more.

EPM is configured to comply with the unique business process for a variety of industries:

  • Wastewater plants especially like EPM  because it tracks all maintenance with videos and photos and is a great document for EPA.
  • Energy generation/Oil/Gas like EPM as a better alternative to expensive programs for ISO audits, better tracking, predictive maintenance.
  • Manufacturers with multiple locations like EPM, because they can track maintenance across town or across other world wide locations.
  • Food/Pharmaceutical processors like EPM because it offers the electronic signatures demanded by regulators.
  • *FileMaker is a platform that allows your database to be shared on any device so you can go paperless and extend your program to the entire company. It can handle millions of records and customization is low cost.
  • Download a PDF Brochure.   Quick video overview.
  • EPM 12 is a preventive maintenance software program (CMMS) cannot succeed unless the staff keeps up with the data entry. We make it easy! Our users continue to use our program for years, and improve their operations.  Start with a desktop version and upgrade to a shared system for you department or your entire company.
  • Some of our standard features
(the system can be customized to include other features)

Most requested features

  • Supports multiple devices, multiple locations, and full security to comply with all regulations. ISO, FDA and more.
  • Track security trail:  Who touched the record, who tMulouched the field and when, including IP address.
  • Non modifyable log, and electronic signatures.
  • Each location sees only their workorders. Central administrator sees all workorders.
  • Multiple parts warehouses at each location but you can share parts across locations.
  • Optional multi-pin mapping of workorders interfaces with Google Earth.
  • Your device is a GPS grabber. Map locations anywhere not just by address.
  • Optional multiple calendar views per location and integration with your own email system.
  • FileMaker 14 is a bar code reader.  Point to a bar code and convert it to a number for any database function.

Tracks Maintenance Schedules:

  • Keeps track of maintenance schedules for multiple plants.
  • Automatically generates next cycle workorder each time you close
  • Repetitive workorders frequencies can be adjusted every cycle to optimize maintenance.
  • One time "Ad hoc" workorders are scheduled together with repetitive.
  • Stores maintenance procedures, documents, videos and photos for each cycle.
  • Find out what was done for the last maintenance cycle, with video.

Tracks Equipment Data:

  • Stores equipment data sheets with barcodes, drawings, and related parts and all documentation and warranties
  • Stores vendor and manufacturer information.
  • Data can be accessed during maintenance cycle.
  • Tracks parts used for maintenance and inventory

Tracks parts used in each maintenance cycle and deletes from inventory with barcodes

  • Parts can be assigned to multiple warehouses and plants, and shared by the company.
  • Provides alerts of when a part needs to be ordered
  • Keeps data on parts, such as drawings, and photos.
  • Provides multiple vendors for parts and the manufacturer data.
  • Hierarchical organization of your entire operation.
  • Organizes your operating plants into logical units that group equipment.
  • Plants can be located around the world, but you share one database.

Track manhours and manpower schedules.

  • Track manpower from your own plant and from outside contractors.
  • Customize and integrate invoicing for outside contractors.
  • Customize time sheets
  • Track manhours for each maintenance activity

Advanced customizable reporting

  • Dynamic reporting with drill downs instantly provides information on maintenance by plant, unit, and equipment. You can check these on any device
  • 10 Advanced printed reports already programmed and additional reports easily created.
  • Check history by item and summarize history queries.  7

Historical database with full details.

  • Every maintenance item is recorded with videos and photos.  Stamped by the user.
  • Search the history for 10+ years. FileMaker can handle large databases.

Dashboard of upcoming workorders can be sorted and queried. Never miss a job.

Project your maintenance to the next year to calculate your needed resources. 

This algorithm will tell you exactly what is coming up and what it will cost.
View your maintenance by the month or day a year into the future.
We can add any feature you wish

Customize screens and reports and integrate with custom FileMaker applications.