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Our flagship products:

Easy Preventive Maintenance 12

  • Supports multiple locations in one file
  • Rolling schedule with calendar
  • Integrated parts inventory
  • Historical data analysis and charts
  • View on any device on the go
  • 24x7 servers with automatic backup
  • Desktop version available, upgrade anytime.
  • Customization and integration
  • Reliable, powerful and economical
  • Start doing preventative maintenance today and save your company money.

Public Works Manager 12

  • Supports multiple departments
  • Unique forms for each department
  • Centralized database
  • View, create and close work orders anywhere on the go.
  • iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac and Web support.
  • Integrated Citizen's website to enter work orders directly into system.
  • Timesheet and calendar options
  • Customization and integration
  • Work order management