Record quotes: Ruby Municipalnets Dog Dances for Joy

We are proud to announce we just exceeded $100,000 in quotations in the last two weeks and sales are coming in at record rates at Municipalnets Software. The FileMaker 12 mobilized features, the new graphic options and the optimized servers, plus the low prices are making EPM 12 and PW 12 Public Works Manger 12 very popular products.

All the hard work developing these products in the last few years is paying off. We are also thankful to our clients who gave us so much feedback on the features they want. Truly, Municipalnets is providing “software for the way you work.”

Our clients can expect more low cost FileMaker products soon, that will take full advantage of our favorite platform, FileMaker.

Ruby the Municipalnets Dog is dancing for Joy on Youtube. Share her joy with others!