Scanning Barcodes and More With FileMaker Go

We are currently working on integrating iPhone with FileMaker Go and to be able to update the database from a bar code input.  Here is a reference, and we will also work with CNC Barcode.

Scanning Barcodes and More With FileMaker Go, Part 2:

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EPM 12 Preventive Maintenance Software Explainer Video

We were looking for a way to explain the complex subject of preventive maintenance software in a few seconds. Our budget was limited. Se finally found this great Beta product at and created our first "explainer video".  So far no voice over, but we thought this was an improvement over a text based landing page.  For information about EPM go to
Get the free book that will help you get started at

 video for preventive maintenance software

Record quotes: Ruby Municipalnets Dog Dances for Joy

We are proud to announce we just exceeded $100,000 in quotations in the last two weeks and sales are coming in at record rates at Municipalnets Software. The FileMaker 12 mobilized features, the new graphic options and the optimized servers, plus the low prices are making EPM 12 and PW 12 Public Works Manger 12 very popular products.

All the hard work developing these products in the last few years is paying off. We are also thankful to our clients who gave us so much feedback on the features they want. Truly, Municipalnets is providing “software for the way you work.”

Our clients can expect more low cost FileMaker products soon, that will take full advantage of our favorite platform, FileMaker.

Ruby the Municipalnets Dog is dancing for Joy on Youtube. Share her joy with others!

Filemaker Vs. Web Products: FM Still More Economical and Secure

We are still having to explain to clients why we need them to buy a copy of FileMaker to run our products' full features. Web views are possible, but we have to build in additional security and keep up with browser hackers. The perception is that this would add to the cost.

On the contrary, this requirement to use FileMaker as the clients makes our products less costly overall. But that will not longer be an issue.As of next month, all of our packages will come complete with the required FileMaker client. Even with the price of FileMaker our products are lower cost and superior in performance. And, we like the fact that our clients are not working through a web browser.

Lately the number of viruses, works and adware attacking servers with old style browsers is keeping the IT department busy. Viral software runs in the background, constantly checking communications and this means you have to purchase more expensive computers. Why bother, I say? Forget the browser. It wasn't designed for secure database transactions, it is a free product! Browsers are designed for e-commerce, and allow merchants to place software in your computer without your permission, to track you buying habits, so they can display relevant advertisements. This is the real purpose, and not database communications for mission critical applications, such as maintenance.

Our products underwent changes this year to comply with FileMaker 12.

EPM 12 our preventive maintenance software was fully converted and upgraded. We just released version 12.3. Our clients can download the latest version from the secure support site.

We offer new features for odometer readings, parts management, and available extensions for labor calculations, time sheets and third party integrations with dynamic bar-coding modules. The dynamic reporting features takes full advantage of new features available from FileMaker Pro and includes pie charts and special diagrams to show trending in maintenance. EPM dates back to 1998, when we created the first release using FileMaker 3. It has been upgraded over the year to include many new features, including a fleet management feature driven by odometer readings.

The new EPM is mobilized, with iPad and iPhone views using the free FileMaker Go. What this means is that our clients can add more users without extra expense. As you know, all our hosted products do not limit the number of users currently.

Public Works Manager 12 just has a new implementation in Marshall Texas that feature a mobilized workflow. They are taking full advantage of FileMaker Go and moving toward a paperless goal. Like all of our products, we know paper is always going to be needed, so we have the ability to print forms that can be completed quickly using check marks and other aids that help expedite the process of completing work orders.

Most recently we are taking advantage of the Web views to create web forms that can be closed on the web by work orders with access to a browser.

We are also now providing better help for our clients through our videos developed with Natural Reader, a software system that provides excellent artificial voices so we may provide these videos in multiple languages.  Here is an example of our EPM intro narraged by Natural Reader.