Just Released Version 1.1 of Municipalnets Promap App

The newest version of Municipalnets Promap app is now available. The current app integrates with Public Works Manager and offers these benefits:

1. View multiple pin maps from your PC, Mac, iPad or iPhone.
2. Access critical data of your latest workorders instantly from the map.
3. Get directions to these addresses with one click and get the info you need to do the job.
4. Completely integrated with Public Works Manager.
5. Map addresses or GPS points.
6. Looks up GPS points.
7. Search and filter by department, job status, or any keyword;  also map hand selected data points.
8. Customize with your own pins
10. Runs on all versions of FileMaker 12 and higher.

Use Case 1: Update workers on their iPads
In this situation, the hosted program provides up to date information on the latest work orders and maps all or a selected data points.  Workers can see the current work orders, determine priorities, and route works.  Work orders that do not have addresses can be located using GPS coordinates and the worker can update these coordinates using their iPhone/iPad.

Workers can search by any keyword, department, or selection. For example, if you want to find all the meters installed, simply search for them and map.

Use Case 2: Analyze your past workorders, for budget purposes
For this application, the user has their own copy of the app on their desktop or iPad.  With it, they can import a subset of the data and perform various mapping searches.  Together with powerful PWM reporting, this app can help you justify budgets, identify trouble spots and more.

Use Case 3: Map infrastructure items
Dynamically updated, searchable infrastructure items, such as valves, pipes, vehicles and other assets can be mapped using the GPS features of the program.  The iPad can GPS locate any point by latitude, longitude and Altitude and these numbers recorded.  The maps can display these items.  Data can also be exported to other mapping apps.

Here is a video of our latest release:

New Mapping Applications (Google and ArcGIS)

New mapping applications have been integrated into Public Works Manager.  For those looking for the simplicity and economy of Google Maps, you can now map your workorders on google maps using multicolored pins, each color representing a department.  When you click on any of these pins you get information about that workorder and you can then click directly to that workorder to edit it.
Here is screen shot of the new application.

A new video demonstrates this application and the new interface which is available to ArcGIS.
The company plans to continue developing ArcGIS interfaces to include interaction with our public works dispatching service.

View our on line video demo of our mapping applications.

Recording & Links of Webinar January 14th 2015

On Wed January 14th we held our first live webinar of 2015.  We covered the cost benefits of going paperless with our Public Works Manager FileMaker 13 system.

Thank you for attending our webinar today.  Below a recording of the webinar followed by additional links:

Thank you for attending and I look forward to meeting you.