Making money by transitioning to a paperless system

Many towns are struggling with modernization of their paper based system.  One town in their north east called me recently about their experience with the Sandy storm.  Files were stored on a trailer, and they got wet.  Fear of change of dwindling budgets were the primary obstacles that prevented them from transitioning months ago, and now, after Sandy, budgets were non existent and their old files still wet.

In this video I explain the real costs of paper and show you why the transition can save you a lot of money and add a revenue stream. It's not difficult, not costly and long term it will help you improve services.

Some of my recent successes have managed to do this in about 3 to 4 months.

Here is this week's video in HD on Vimeo (takes time to download)

Making money from a paperless system from LidiaLoPinto on Vimeo.

You can watch on Youtube too with less resolution (faster download)

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Sustainable data management for your public works department

How do you achive sustainable data management.  A presentation by Lidia Lopinto.

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How to mobilize economically

In this video, I describe the platform and technology we are using to create software for municipalities that is both affordable and high tech.  With it, towns like Marshall Texas have the ability to take their tablets with them on the job and interact with the database live. Because we customize this software for every town, there is no pressure to adapt to a new product, so all the departments agree to use it.

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